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Economic Damages

Economic Damages

Our team of highly qualified and experienced forensic accountants and economists has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in large and complex business disputes matters involving allegations of damages and have been qualified as experts in damages quantification. We develop sound and defensible opinions based on a comprehensive analysis of the investigative and economic issues. Our team specializes in being able to develop highly persuasive arguments that are easily understood while applying accounting standards and sophisticated economic and econometric methods.

GlassRatner is a leading provider of litigation support and forensic accounting services to law firms, corporations, financial institutions, government agencies and individuals in a wide variety of complex commercial litigation and regulatory matters. We have quantified damages in the form of lost profits, cartel overcharges, fraud and negligence impact, extra expenses, diminution of value, disgorgement of profits, reasonable royalty or other damage measures for a variety of actions and causes, such as:

  • Failed acquisitions
  • Earnout disputes
  • Theft of trade secrets and intellectual property disputes
  • Cartel matters
  • Healthcare fraud
  • Healthcare negligence
  • Breach of contract
  • Contract termination
  • Construction delay claims
  • Business interruption
  • Partnership disputes
  • Joint venture disputes
  • Audit negligence
  • Class action security claims
  • Class action cartel claims

GlassRatner's approach is based on thorough economic and financial analysis and our practical experience preparing comprehensive damages analysis. We have established a reputation for communicating complex damages analysis in a manner that is easily understood, concise and representative of the events.

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