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Fiduciary Services

Fiduciary Services

GlassRatner is regularly employed as a court-appointed receiver, trustee, liquidating agent, plan administrator or in other fiduciary capacities. In addition to being directly court-appointed, the firm is often retained by a court-appointed trustee to execute specific tasks, such as liquidating real estate holdings, handling forensic accounting services or providing litigation support services.

GlassRatner is a preferred choice as a fiduciary because of our unique breadth of expertise. We can leverage the range of our resources to effectively and efficiently resolve the issues faced by the fiduciary. All our primary service lines can be brought to bear in an integrated and seamless fashion for the benefit of the estate.

Our overriding goal as receiver or trustee is to act independently while we marshal funds and maximize the return on the debtor or estate’s assets and business interests. As Fiduciary we are often charged with:

  • Assessing the value of assets
  • Developing reorganization or liquidation plans
  • Winding down business affairs
  • Selling orphan assets
  • Negotiating with claim holders such as taxing authorities
  • Investigating actions of prior management
  • Monitoring long-standing litigation
  • Pursuing litigation and causes of action
  • Pursuing recovery activities and resolving claims
  • Arranging for distributions
  • Preparing financial reports and tax information for the estate

GlassRatner’s role as a fiduciary has always been a cornerstone of our business. We have sold unusual and difficult-to-liquidate assets such as pollution credits, collected on foreign receivables, and disassembled plants for sale in Asia.

Further, the firm has combined its expertise in Fiduciary Services and Real Estate Property Management to build a national platform as a Real Estate Receiver. Since 2003, GlassRatner Management and Realty Advisors has acted as property manager and receiver for thousands of assets across 34 states. 

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