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    • Financial Advisor to a $2 billion bank in the Southeastern U.S. to develop innovative solutions for problem assets and implement a criticized asset migration plan to monitor troubled assets.
    • Chief Restructuring Officer for an Independent Sales Organization to negotiate a settlement on the value of certain offsets on a sold merchant portfolio and manage litigation regarding the ownership and value of a merchant portfolio seized by an upstream "Super" ISO.
    • Financial Advisor to a distressed nationally chartered bank to stratify the portfolio, model recovery collections and timelines for management forecasting, and review and analyze criticized asset management procedures.
    • Financial Advisor to a $400 million bank in South Georgia to develop and implement a plan to identify and monitor criticized assets.
    • Chief Restructuring Officer of AmTrust Mortgage Corporation, a Southeast regional mortgage company that closed over $1.3 billion of mortgage loans in 2006.
    • Chief Restructuring Officer and Financial Advisor to AmTrust Financial Corporation and related entities in their chapter 11 filings to manage tax refund litigation against the FDIC and section 363 sale process, and monetize the real estate portfolio.
    • Financial Advisor and Loan Sale Advisor to the FDIC to coordinate and advise on the sale of a $165 million portfolio related to the construction loan portfolio of the Market Street Mortgage Company, a Florida subsidiary of NetBank.
    • Controller of InfiBank, N.A., a special purpose credit-card only bank, to service portfolios for credit unions and small community banks with over $1.5 billion in assets.
    • Finance Manager for Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic private label credit card portfolio with over $3.5 billion in assets for GE Capital.
    • Senior Finance Manager of Wachovia Credit Card Services, which at the time had approximately $8 billion in assets.
  • Representative Matters


    • Provide due diligence and investigative support and assurance report on behalf of a large credit card processor in the Midwest that was being investigated by Visa and Mastercard for excess chargebacks.
    • Evaluate Providian, a credit card bank and high risk issuer, for a class action firm to help evaluate their ability to pay.
    • Conduct an investigation of a $150 million fraud in sourcing, pooling and servicing of mortgage-backed securities for a national financial institution, which included funds flow and tracing of all monies associated with all transactions including loan funding and disbursement, payments and performance profiles by loan/property and recovery through REO process.
    • Investigate the misappropriation of custodial funds at a large money center bank which were used to better the bank’s bottom line.
    • Litigation Consultant to the court-appointed receiver in an SEC enforcement action involving three hedge funds with over $1.2 billion in assets under management.
    • Forensic Accountant and, potentially, Testifying Expert to a major international bank to assess and quantify damages that resulted from the misconduct and theft of consumer funds by one of its employees.
    • Conduct an internal investigation of allegations of fraud and kickbacks made by developers to influence investment decisions by an asset manager of one of the largest pension funds in North America.
    • Conduct an investigation of the concentration of mortgage loans made to certain developers, fraudulent mortgage loan transactions, property flipping with increasing mortgage re-financing and undisclosed related-party transactions in connection to the events surrounding the collapse of three Loan & Trust companies.
    • Conduct an investigation of related party transactions and international funds tracing the Ministry of Finance in Jamaica in connection to the events surrounding the collapse of a bank.
    • Banking Expert to the DOJ in the Central District of California to assist in the investigation of an alleged check kiting and bank loan fraud involving four financial institutions resulting in over $18 million in losses.
    • Conduct an investigation of allegations of fraud and quantified and detailed the losses and use of funds at three banks that had participated equally in a $45 million credit facility and experienced significant loan losses. Subsequently, Expert Witness for the Department of Justice in Georgia to testify at trial.
    • Investigate the activity and role of a bank branch officer for the Board of Directors of a Georgia-based bank in connection with approximately $9 million of loan losses made to a single developer and related parties.
    • Investigate the events surrounding the loan underwriting process, servicing of the credit and the Plaintiff’s knowledge of bad facts for a lead bank sued by other banks who participated in this credit.
    • Investigate allegations of fraud by a bank including the theft of mortgage loan proceeds for FNMA.
  • Representative Matters


    • Financial Advisor to a $10 billion bank in the Southeastern U.S. to perform financial analysis and loan portfolio valuation for their successful bid and acquisition of a $1.5 billion failed bank under an FDIC Loss Share Agreement.
    • Financial Advisor to the FDIC to advise the failed Arkansas National Bank Financial in a structured transaction sale to a third party in January 2009.
    • Buy-Side Advisor to conduct due diligence for a private equity backed financial institution related to an acquisition of a Louisiana bank with primary business lines in consumer finance and direct real estate lending.
    • Financial Advisor to an $8 billion regional bank to perform a portfolio valuation on a $2 billion portfolio of a Georgia bank purchased under a loss share agreement.
    • Financial Advisor to develop a fairness opinion on DVL, Inc. pursuant to the “going private” transaction of this diverse commercial finance company.
    • Sell-Side Advisor to a $45 million “rent-to-own” distributor of storage sheds with a significant finance component.
    • Financial Advisor to numerous banks to conduct ALCO model validations, advise on issues of bank liquidity, perform liquidity stress testing, review contingency funding plans, and build pro forma financial models.

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