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Fraud/Internal Investigations

Fraud/Internal Investigations

GlassRatner’s genesis has its roots in high-profile fraud and internal corporate investigations both domestic and international.  Our senior forensic accounting team members have conducted fraud/internal investigations in the United States, Canada, Asia and the Caribbean.  Our experience and professional skills, together with an investigative mindset, contribute to our ongoing success in this practice area. 

We have been retained by government agencies and the Investigations/White Collar Defense groups of major U.S. law firms on many significant issues addressing a range of investigative matters including:

  • Pyramid and Ponzi investment schemes
  • Financial statement/management fraud
  • Failed financial institutions
  • Transaction fraud
  • Healthcare fraud and abuse
  • SEC investigations
  • Undisclosed related party transactions
  • Embezzlement, kickbacks, internal theft
  • Diversion of corporate opportunity
  • Inventory shrinkage
  • Bust-outs and bankruptcy frauds
  • Money laundering and funds tracing

Financial fraud cases are complex by nature, because perpetrators of fraud generally take steps to obscure their actual transactions.  Cooking the books is nothing new - and some financial chefs are quite skilled and creative.

Our technical knowledge and our understanding of business operations enhance our ability to investigate, summarize and report our investigative findings in a manner that is easily understood and representative of the events.

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