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GlassRatner's Team

Lissa Weissman

Managing Director

Areas of Expertise

  • Litigation Support
  • Asset Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Construction Advisory
  • Bankruptcy Proceedings


  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Restaurant

Prominent Matters

  • Team Member of initial Restructuring Advisors on Woodbridge Group of Companies


  • 1 Year with GlassRatner
  • 30 Years of Relevant Experience

Lissa Weissman has nearly 30 years of diversified consulting experience assisting companies in transition. Her experience includes turnaround management, bankruptcy filings and management, operational analysis, organizational design and change management where she works closely with firms to swiftly identify solutions in response to their unique business challenges.

Lissa has participated in Chapter 11 filings and administration, multiple Reductions in Force, retail liquidations, disposition of assets, and the administrative reorganization of large accounting and law firms. She has also helped create workout plans for numerous firms, and has provided litigation support and virtual data room management for large complex transactions. She is particularly skilled in the areas of WARN compliance, workforce management, document management, confidential client/customer feedback interviews, technical report editing and organizational analysis.

Prior to SCP, Lissa was a Director at SierraConstellation Partners and consulted for El Molino Advisors, Inc., CEL & Associates, Inc. and Kibel Green, Inc.

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