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Brent King Quoted in Kansas Public Radio Article on Hospital Bankruptcy

Brent King Quoted in Kansas Public Radio Article on Hospital Bankruptcy

Managing Director Brent King was quoted in an article published today by Kansas Public Radio. The article titled "How A Rural Hospital In Kansas Survived Multiple Owners And Bankruptcy" highlights Hillsboro Community Hospital, a 15-bed facility in Hillsboro, Kansas that filed for bankruptcy back in March. Although the hospital has faced hardships like many rural hospitals do, it has managed to survive with the help of Brent as bankruptcy trustee, the staff and the community.

Brent talks about the condition of the hospital a few months before it filed for bankruptcy. It was practically abandoned and no bills or wages were being paid. Brent also talks about how the closure of the hospital would negatively impact the community. Specifically, Brent mentions the concern parents would have with sending their child to a college town without healthcare.

See below for an excerpt from the article.


Averting disaster

King, Hillsboro's Chapter 11 trustee, has no doubt that, whatever effects it may have had on mortality rates, the closure of Hillsboro Community Hospital would have had ruinous effects on the community.

"We know that parents who want to send their children to college in a town like Hillsboro, Kansas, one of the first questions they're going to ask is, 'What about healthcare?'" he says. "'What if my kid gets sick? Where's he gonna go?'"

While the reasons for rural hospitals' plight are varied, they're tied to the plight of rural America in general: declining populations, shrinking employment growth, high rates of uninsurance. Plus rural residents are likely to be older, poorer and have higher rates of chronic illness.

So it's not altogether clear why Hillsboro has managed to survive while other rural hospitals have closed.

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