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Marc Spizzirri Published in Automotive Buy Sell Report

Marc Spizzirri Published in Automotive Buy Sell Report

Marc Spizzirri, Sr. Managing Director, has been published on the Automotive Buy Sell Report. His article 'Millennials offer dealerships the chance to transform the car-buying customer experience' delves into what dealerships can expect as Millennials are taking over both the seller's & buyer's market. 

See below for an excerpt from the article. 

Intimidating, contentious, exhausting, demeaning, depressing, anxiety-producing, hateful and overwhelming. These are the adjectives most commonly associated with the car buying experience. Some equate it to a notch below a trip to the dentist. It’s time for dealers to stop giving lip service to changing the showroom experience and begin the process of change. Some 87% of Americans polled dislike something about the car buying experience.

Truth be told, this isn’t news. Most dealers recognize the need for change. For that reason, the most common ad message employed by dealers is “we’re different.” How many times have we heard claims like “no pesky, pushy salespeople” or we are the “no hassle dealership.”

Technology and a generation of millennials are going to make the long overdue change, whether the industry is ready or not. A generation of buyers who don’t remember a world without the internet will make buying a new car like ordering a pizza. Convenience and control will rule the day.

Unfortunately, those are two things that are currently not part of the predominant showroom experience. Before the digital age, dealerships were a necessary evil. Consumers needed to come to the dealership for information or questions about price, availability, comparative product information, factory incentives and basically everything they needed to know about buying a new car. That information can now be sourced on your mobile device while drinking a triple-venti, non-fat, soy milk caramel macchiato in a safe space in the back of a coffee shop.

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