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Real Estate Services

“GlassRatner has unparalleled experience and expertise in every facet of the real estate business, so much so, that this industry vertical has become a service line unto itself.”

Ian Ratner and Ron Glass met while working on a failed real estate deal in the 1990s and ever since the firm was formed in 2001, real estate and real estate related services have made up a significant portion of the firm’s activity. When the banking and real estate industries crashed in 2007 the firm was well positioned to capitalize on its substantial expertise and early track record. The firm has been involved in every possible real estate related case in its core service areas. Along the way, we have provided services related to every single asset class and a wide range of values from $15-million multi-family deals to portfolios of shopping centers and island resorts worth billions.

Out of the combination of our real estate expertise and our in depth knowledge of fiduciary services, one of the country’s leading real estate receivership and property management practices was built. Since 2003, we have had over 500 assignments serving as Receiver and/or Manager for over 40,000 multifamily units and 5,000,000 sf of retail/office/industrial space across 34 states.

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