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    • Financial Advisor to the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors in The Billing Resource d/b/a Integretel bankruptcy and appointed as Liquidating Trustee at Plan confirmation.
    • Financial Advisor to the Liquidating Trustee in the Universal Broadband Networks (“UNB”) bankruptcy matter, overseeing the disposition of assets, pursuing claims and resolving litigation.
    • Financial Advisor to a paging company serving over 50,000 subscribers in the Southeastern United States. Responsible for management of all daily operations, downsized organization, streamlined network architecture and restructured vendor liabilities.
    • Financial Advisor to a cellular and satellite operator that provided telecom service in the Gulf of Mexico. Refinanced the core business while maintaining ability to develop fiber assets.
    • Financial Advisor to a company that acquired numerous wireless phone licenses and worked with the company to sell the licenses to a national wireless provider.
    • Financial Advisor to an equity fund in regard to a poorly performing tower operator in the Midwest. Advised on alternative restructuring scenarios, including distressed M&A alternatives and bank debt negotiations, as well as revised governance procedures.
    • Chief Financial and Operating Officer of a $90 million (net commission) annual sales outsourcing company.
    • Chief Restructuring Officer of a 65,000 subscriber rural cellular provider faced with an increasingly overbuilt network. Oversaw technology and billing conversion processes, negotiated agreement between lenders and shareholders, managed sale process and negotiated sale to Alltel.
    • Chief Restructuring Officer of a 35,000 subscriber rural wireless provider faced with an over-levered balance sheet and substantial capital spending requirements. Restructured marketing and sales efforts, negotiated roaming agreements, performed detailed analysis of technical requirements, and negotiated sale to Dobson Communications.
    • Chief Restructuring Officer of a 50-store wireless retail operations with locations throughout the country for private equity firms.
    • Performed a wind down and liquidation of assets, monitored and settled litigations and ultimately distributed funds to partners of a regional telecommunications company.
  • Representative Matters


    • Investigated thousands of related party transactions between the debtor and various affiliates for Verizon Wireless in the Connecticut Mobilecom, Inc. bankruptcy.
    • Investigated a $6 million dispute between a foreign carrier and a U.S. telephone services billing and collection company relating to the collection and remittance of funds for call records deposited.
    • Investigated the activities of a long distance reseller with regard to the use of $15 million prepaid phone card sales receipts.
    • Investigated the practices and processes of a telecommunication billing and collection company on behalf of an information provider which processed approximately $2 million per month of call records to identify and quantify excessive reserves, charge backs, credits, fees and other allocated charges.
    • Investigated the activities and transactions surrounding a group of telecommunications companies, including resellers, carriers, billing and collection companies, information providers and accounts receivable factors which were involved in a complex scheme to defraud long distance carriers and financial institutions of more than $20 million.
    • Provided accounting, business valuation and damages expertise to a national cellular telephone company in a partnership dispute.
    • Valued the benefits available to class members in a $20 million consumer class action settlement on behalf of a national cellular telephone company.
    • Assisted with the damages portion of a class action suit relating to rounding minutes of airtime use for customer invoices on behalf of a national cellular telephone company.
    • Assisted in the financial analysis and investigation to defend a telecommunications marketing company against a $30 million judgment from the Federal Trade Commission.
    • Provided accounting and financial reporting review of a neutral interconnection facility operator for a hedge fund.
    • Investigated and reviewed the analysis assembled by a Big Four accounting firm for a class of plaintiffs in a case against a telephone company charged with overcharging inmates in Alabama and other southern states for long-distance calls.
  • Representative Matters


    • Sell-side Advisor to a local telecomm engineering firm in its sale to a public telecom buyer for $13 million. Managed the due diligence process and provided detailed valuation and transaction advisory services to the sellers.
    • Investment Banker raising $12 million of institutional equity to fund management team’s cellular tower acquisition and development plans, including managing capital raise process, negotiating Letter of Intent, Securities Purchase Agreement and Operating Agreement.
    • Buy-Side Advisor to a public telecom company in the purchase of tower portfolios, site acquisition concerns and tower construction companies valued at more than $150 million. In addition to negotiating the transaction, handled non-compete and earn out arrangements.
    • Performed due diligence for a lender in regard to a $35 million loan to a wireless tower owner / operator in the Southwest.
    • Performed due diligence services for a lender in connection with $50 million financing to a telecom hotel and switching station.

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