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    • Retained as the financial advisor for the indenture trustee for the bondholders’ of Travelport, LLC, formerly London-based global distribution services company which provides back office operations for the travel industry. We were engaged to provide valuation, solvency and transaction advisory services in connection with a $3.7 billion debt restructuring of the business.
    • Retained by a large Bahraini private equity fund ($3.7 billion) to advise on and negotiate the restructuring of a fractional ownership luxury villa and hotel development in Italy. Performed detailed financial analysis and led the negotiation of an additional €40 million of debt and equity capital that was used to complete construction of the hotel and apartments.
    • Appointed Receiver in Anguilla over a group of disputed hedge funds. As Receiver, conducted investigation and asset tracing activities in a multi-jurisdictional environment to ultimately recover $50 million on behalf of the fund beneficiaries. This matter involved the tracing of assets and transactions through various Caribbean and European countries and ultimately into the US.
    • Advised regarding the restructuring of real estate investments and financial institutions placed under regulatory supervision of a Caribbean government-controlled conglomerate.
    • Appointed Receiver by a foreign court to manage the operations and wind down of a law firm where over $12 million of client funds had been misappropriated.
    • Retained as financial advisor and forensic accountant to The Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago, the primary financial regulator of the country. We were engaged to investigate the current and historic financial affairs and operations of the largest privately owned conglomerate in the Caribbean with assets exceeding US$15 billion.
      • The assets included several financial institutions which were placed under regulatory supervision and “bailed-out” using public funds.
      • Transactions investigated included acquisitions and divestitures of public companies in the UK, Europe and other Caribbean nations and the financing of such transactions with related party funds from regulated entities.
      • We also consulted with regard to possible and actual criminal and civil actions; and to informally advise authorities regarding restructuring of the financial institutions and the now government-controlled conglomerate.
      • This was a large and complex assignment involving a dozen staff working abroad for more than two years working to trace thousands of complex financial transactions involving hundreds of entities.
    • Retained by the Litigation Receiver in Bankruptcy to calculate the largest damages ever sought for auditor professional negligence in Canada, regarding nine years of audited financial statements of a prominent publicly traded live entertainment enterprise prior to its bankruptcy filings, which were opined on by a Big 4 international audit firm.
    • Retained by the Ministry of Finance of a Caribbean country to investigate the events surrounding the financial collapse of a number of banks. Role included investigating related party transactions where short term customer deposits were used to make long term real estate investments; funds tracing improper payments made to officers and directors of the banks, and assisting the government in recovering assets to benefit deposit liabilities.
    • Retained as financial advisor to a Caribbean country directly and through a government owned corporation in two separate public corruption investigations regarding mismanaged construction of an airport terminal building and mismanagement and pre-election excessive spending by a supposedly non-partisan economic development corporation. Our analysis and results were relied on by senior government officials.
    • Appointed Receiver in Anguilla over a group of disputed hedge funds. As Receiver, conducted investigation and asset tracing activities in a multi-jurisdictional environment to ultimately recover $50 million on behalf of the fund beneficiaries. This matter involved the tracing of assets and transactions through various Caribbean and European countries and ultimately into the US.
    • Served as Forensic Accountant and Financial Advisor to the Joint Liquidators of an $800 Million Cayman Island Hedge Fund in liquidation.
    • Retained by a $30+ billion revenue global electronics hardware manufacturer to investigate potential abuse of marketing incentives paid to customers. Performed worldwide compliance reviews of selected customers, verifying advertising purchased with marketing incentives complied with contract terms, was not at inflated prices and invoiced amounts were paid. Findings of review resulted in the manufacturer altering the terms of, and participants in, its marketing incentive program.
    • Retained by counsel representing a $17 Billion Global company to assist in an internal investigation relating to European division’s compliance with U.S. regulatory Acts. Our role included investigating whistleblower allegations of fraud and non-compliance of various divisions operating in the U.K, the Netherlands and the Middle East.
    • Retained by counsel for $21.8 billion revenue global consumer products company to investigate alleged accounting irregularities by management to enhance bonuses at the $1.5 billion revenue Canadian subsidiary
    • Retained by $30 billion revenue international mobile communications company to investigate disbursements in certain of its Latin American divisions to determine if unauthorized payments were being made to or for the benefit of government officials.
    • Retained by the international guarantor of $300 million of debt associated with a troubled hotel-condominium project to perform a comprehensive forensic accounting review of all aspects of the operations including the uses and amounts of funding for the project.
    • Served as forensic accountant and litigation support expert to an international real estate services firm relating to a dispute with a Caribbean-based financial institution associated with various valuation services provided associated with development of a Turks and Caicos resort
    • Retained by Caribbean Attorney General to investigate the bidding for and construction of a $ 100 million national cricket arena and training complex being developed by a discredited independent government agency
    • Traced $230 million associated with alleged Caribbean real estate developments of US bankrupt individuals and entities through four jurisdictions and multiple financial institutions which were designed to re-characterize funds back to the original disbursing entity.
    • Retained by United States immigration counsel representing two Peruvian nationals to investigate and prepare a report regarding the financial activity of their Peruvian based fish company. The report with the results of our investigation were included in a comprehensive information package to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Office in an effort for the Peruvian nationals to obtain U.S. visas
    • Retained as forensic accountant to a Latin American Fortune 50 company to investigate a series of questionable acquisitions and other transactions executed by former management. Our assignment included an analysis of potential off shore secret commissions and the fairness from a valuation perspective of the transaction in question.
    • Retained by counsel to investigate allegations of fraud and theft in connection with a multi use real estate development in Shanghai, China. Our role included investigating financial statement fraud, kickback schemes and construction fraud.

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