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Matthew Raiff



Matthew Raiff is a Ph.D. economist with over 25 years of experience in economic litigation consulting. While Matthew's practice is diverse, his primary focus has been on matters related to Section 1 of the Sherman Antitrust Act. He has led teams that in aggregate have recovered over $5 billion in recoveries for plaintiffs. In addition, he has led teams that have settled over $500 million in damages for defendants. His work involves early case assessment, litigation strategy, expert support and settlement negotiations.

Matthew's clients include law firms, Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. He has worked on over a dozen of the largest cartel matters in the U.S. in the past 25 years. Representative matters include the following cartel investigations: Vitamins, Rubber Chemicals, EPDM, PCP, Linerboard, Parcel Tanker Shipping, DRAM and LCD's.

Prior to joining GlassRatner in 2019, Matthew was a founding partner of Bates White, LLC. He led the development of Bates White's antitrust practice, including their Annual Antitrust Conference. He was the Managing Partner of Bates White from 2003 to 2009. In addition, he led the development of their Undergraduate and Ph.D. recruiting programs. This included creating their Summer Consultant Program that was ranked #1 nationally in 2017.

Matthew has published articles on the pricing mechanisms in 17th Century Art Trade between Antwerp and Paris, the supply-chain synergies milk producers consider and realize when competing for school milk contracts, the vitamins cartel reliance on public price announcements to execute and enforce the primary goals of the cartel and the design of anti-collusive measures that procurement agencies can take to enhance their ability to defend against collusive pricing. While at Duke University, Matthew taught over a dozen classes and was consistently recognized for superior student evaluations and received the highest recognition within the Department of Economics for his undergraduate teaching in 1996. While teaching at Penn State University he also received similar recognition in 1998.

Dr. Raiff graduated from Canisius College's Honors Program with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics where he was the recipient of the BICS Award for the highest achievement within the Economics and Finance Department. He received his master's degree and his Ph.D. from Duke University in Economics. He did his Post-Doctorate at Penn State University specializing in the study of collusion.

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